PYVET’s story

The parallel worlds of timeless beauty of the past and contemporary, street dressing styles come together at PYVET. The Thai-born fashion brand is founded by Platt Pladhï, a designer intent on creating wearable works of art made with the precious fabric of “silk”.

From the short but concise design ethos to “respect the history of everything”, Platt first conceived PYVET by studying the intricate details and invaluable history of silk. Meticulous designs and tailoring follow to create stunningly exotic pieces inspired by the style of the 1970s. Wearers will find these works different for their silhouette, texture and mood an outstanding marvel in a society of synthetic monotony where everything looks homogenous.

The particulars of certain types of silk, be it the texture, shape or floss, have always been a long-standing challenge for designers, but these attributes are enhanced and fashioned into magnificent works by PYVET’s team of tailors who have decades of experience. Contemporary tailoring techniques of killer drapes, asymmetrical lines or even the refined audacity to use mixed-type prints, as well as the fresh outlook on familiar solid fabrics, all converge to make a classic look perennially precious. It’s a masterpiece of art a woman can continuously love and enjoy throughout all occasions in her life.

Respect the

history of


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